Where to begin…

I am going to start out by diving into reverse engineering and memory corruption exploits.  I have done some work with Intel x86 assembly in the past especially when working through my Offensive Security certifications.  However my experience has 90% been in 32 bit Windows exploit development with Olly Debug and other similar tools.  I want to focus more on Linux tools and reverse engineering type challenges.  My plan is to start with some of the challenges on exploit-exercises.com while studying gdb, radare, and ida.  I am also starting this book Practical Reverse Engineering.  I expect a lot of the books topics to be over my head at first and I’ll need to branch off to brush up on different topics.

As I complete challenges and learn new tools I’ll be posting walkthroughs and notes here for reference.  I may also take breaks from the assembly topics so I can complete vulnhub.com challenges for fun.

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